Ways To Add Movement To Your Work From Home Routine

Health dangers of a sedentary work environment

Are you sitting at a desk reading this. STAND UP.

Yes – work from home (WFH) has its benefits, but because you don’t have to drive to work or walk to the cafeteria or to meetings etc etc – you end up being even more sedentary usually than if you go to work.

But one of the major benefits from WFH is the lack of the commute which allows you more time to spend on you and your well-being and productivity.

Federal health guidelines recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise e.g. walking or jogging — every single day. But in recent years the true danger of sitting all day long have been demonstrated by new research showing that even this is insufficient to  counteract the health hazards of sitting down too much.

Additionally being seated with poor posture for hours on end, without standing or walking can also reduce productivity.
It is now well established that sitting for long periods repeatedly over time can cause physiological changes within muscles also causing a reduction of use of fat and instead its accumulation in organs such as the liver, heart and even brain. This can also lead to weight gain, insulin resistance and diabetes and therefore cardiovascular disease.
Additionally musculoskeletal issues as a result of sitting all day in the same position – and with a poorly designed office with the seat, keyboard and screen not positioned ergonomically then the risk of pain and injury also increases. Designing your office is critical but so is movement. 
Fortunately there are plenty of ways to add movement to your routine. 

Add Movement To Your WFH Routine

By integrating physical activity into your work from home routine, you get the benefits of increased energy, better focus and increased productivity.
Here are some ways to add movement to your work from home routine.
#1 Maybe the most important thing to do is STAND UP – every 15 to 20 minutes. Just this act itself has huge benefits and if can stand for a minute or two each time the better.
#2 Sneak In a Walk Every Hour – we suggest using an app and if you have an Apple watch or a Fitbit they can do it too. If you can take a break for lunch – a walk around the block os some 
# 3 Start and end your day if possible with a walk. Whether in the morning or after a long day at work, you may find it hard to motivate yourself to go home but again – getting up and going for a walk to get your blood pumping can do wonders for your mood and set you up for a productive day and evening and also gives mental benefits. Sometimes, just a quick walk can be all it takes to get you out of the office funk and get you ready to tackle anything.


Today’s connected work culture doesn’t just focus on productivity, and it’s time we bring the importance of health to the table as well. If you’ve been struggling to stay healthy, give these tips a try, and see how your stress level drops.

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