Ultimate Ergonomic Back To School Guide: How To Stay Healthy and Productive Throughout The Year

Back-to-school season is upon us, which means it’s time to get your family all set up with desks and chairs that are healthy for them. Before you head out to the big box store or check out your local internet retailer,  there are some important things to remember if you want to ensure that your back-to-school shopping trip is a success.
Here are some tips on how to keep your back healthy in this year’s shopping spree.

What are the ergonomic benefits of sitting at a desk?

Dr. John Polizzi, a chiropractor, author, and director of the Florida-based Healing Center for Natural Medicine,  says it’s important to protect your body from the stresses of back-to-school shopping, especially if you sit at a desk at work or school. “Sitting for hours can put undue stress on your back,” Polizzi told HuffPost. “If you sit long periods at your computer for work, you can become physically and emotionally strained.
Your posture can become misaligned and your posture starts affecting your balance. If you haven’t done any  workout in months, your muscles will become weaker and you may become more susceptible to injury as well, back-to-school shopping can be stressful, so the last thing you want is to stress about injuries

What are the signs that you may be hurting your back?

You may be experiencing pain in the lumbar region, where you would usually feel pain in your back, you may have limited range of motion in your lower back, and you may feel like your lower back is weak or unstable.
What can you do if you’re experiencing back pain? If you’re experiencing back pain, it’s important to take it seriously. You don’t want to rush back into your daily activities until you’re sure that you’re fully recovered. The best way to approach the pain in your back is to consider how your body typically uses and moves.

How do I choose a chair that’s right for me?

There are a few key things to remember when you’re sitting at the computer or trying to work with a desktop computer: First, you need a chair that’s padded in a comfortable way. After all, it’s the same seat on your chair for all the hours you sit in it every day, and you don’t want to get back aches.
Also, you should be sure to get a chair that is right for your body type. Some people are genetically built for smaller seats while others have an easier time sitting in a full chair. If you are the latter, you should consider some of the reclining chairs, or even try a dedicated high-back chair. Second, you should make sure your computer is a large enough to properly support your body.

When is it time to replace a chair or desk?

According to Dr. Shelley Beighley, owner of Durapex Wellness in St. Louis, you should replace your chair or desk every three to five years. She says that because children are constantly jumping and sitting, and have to reach to do the simplest tasks, the chair or desk has worn out. The key is to go to a store with certified technicians to do all of the measurements, repairs and refinements needed to make sure that your seat is in the best condition possible. What’s the best way to choose a chair or desk? “Back when I was a student, we had to go to a lot of stores to find the perfect chair or desk for the office. Today, we don’t have to worry about finding the right product,” says Dr. Beighley.

How can I get more support from my coworkers?

New students, faculty, and staff in the building need the support of their friends, family, co-workers, and the school’s support network as well. Your school’s support network is one of the best ways to stay healthy and productive, because it will help you get the most from your experience at school.
Here are some of the ways you can support others and help them achieve their goals. Stay physically fit and participate in school physical activities: The more you participate in physical activities, the better your body  will be able to handle the activity. The more you participate in physical activities, the more effective it will be for you to support others during their physical activity.
Make it a point to be physically active or to support others in staying physically active.


These back-to-school shopping tips can help you get your son or daughter the perfect set up for the new year, and maybe even a new set of office supplies in the process. If you’re ready for all that back-to-school season has to offer, be sure to visit our health section.

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