The Benefits of an Ergonomic Workstation for Tall Workers

Tall people experience more problems with their posture than any other group of people. Because of this, it is important to have an ergonomic workstation setup to prevent strain on your back and neck. If you are a tall person, here are some tips for setting up your workstation the right way.

What are the benefits of an ergonomic workstation?

Resistance Arm What is an Ergonomic Workstation? Tall Ergonomic Workstation Resistance Arm Most taller people experience lower back pain because of the way that their upper back muscles and lumbar spine support their lower back. To relieve the tension, the body puts more pressure on the upper back muscles.
To correct this problem, you should set up an ergonomic workstation with two or three resistance bands attached to one of the arms. Remember, it is important that you stay low to the ground and let the bands do the work for you.
A Problematic Workstation In many offices, there is not much space for an ergonomic workstation. The ones that are available are usually too expensive or not designed for the taller worker.

What should you consider when setting up your workstation?

When setting up your workstation, think of your height. Tall people generally have longer arms, so you want to make sure that all the devices you need to reach are at the right height. That way, you do not have to bend down or stretch to get the tools that you need.
If you find that you do not need one or two of the accessories that are on your shopping list, see if they have similar products that are more suited to your height. A wide-rimmed stool that works well for a tall person can be easily found at any warehouse store, while a tall case or tall table can be had at any hardware store.

Some ergonomic considerations for tall people

Consider your workstation placement. Is it a couch, chair, table, or a combination? Are you looking for optimal comfort, or trying to find an arrangement that provides optimal functionality?
Start by taking the furniture away.
Make sure to make the workstation completely flat on its back. This helps prevent your back from sloping forward and anteriorly (forward and posteriorly for people from other groups).
Next, it is very important to have your keyboard near your shoulder, and your mouse about six inches away from your hand. You should be able to feel your workstation working, but still able to put your hands on the keyboard to type. If you need to take your arms to the side for something, ensure you are able to push the mouse or keyboard away with your dominant side.


It is recommended that all of your desks should be arranged with your chair in the center of the office.
Having your workstation and computer located at the center of the office will allow you to move around as you need to, and will help keep you looking up at the ceiling instead of down at the computer.
Creating an office environment that is centered around your workstation is a great way to make sure that you can get the most out of your work hours. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things, and once you decide what is best for you, everything should fall into place.

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