How To Find The Best Gaming Glasses To Block Blue Light For Your Eyes

Every gamer knows that playing games in the dark is not healthy for your eyes. It’s important to take care of your eyes while gaming, especially if you’re still wearing glasses, which don’t filter out blue light as well as you’d think. Here are some ways to help protect your eyes while gaming.

What is blue light?

Blue light, which comes from all electronic devices and screens, tends to damage our vision.
It’s no secret that screens emit blue light, but until recently, little research had been done to look at how harmful it really is. Studies from the last few years have shown a link between long-term exposure to blue light and eye strain and even eye diseases like cataracts.
Blue light causes disruption of your circadian rhythm, which is the biological clock that controls our body functions. Research also suggests that blue light is harmful to your health because it damages your retinas. Blue light also changes your skin and can increase acne, and can interfere with hormones. The internet is full of studies on blue light and its effects on health.

How does blue light affect your eyes?

First, know that blue light is emitted from all digital screens, not just your smartphone or computer screen. Blue light is the type of light that comes from your smartphone, laptop, and tablet screens and from apps and websites in the background. You can block blue light by purchasing a special blue light blocker for your computer or phone. You also can purchase blue light-blocking glasses. Both of these prevent blue light from entering your eyes while playing games or reading in dark environments. Blue light is even emitted from electronic billboards that you’re sitting next to, which could be an issue for people who sit in a car on a long drive or those who are driving at night. How can you find the right kind of glasses for blocking blue light?

Choosing the best gaming glasses and other eye protection products

First, you have to look at how much blue light you’re exposed to when you play. New TVs with advanced LCD display technologies use blue light to help make images and colors more vivid, but it’s only effective at the shorter, medium-wave wavelengths of light emitted from digital displays. Older LCD TVs use blue light to increase color accuracy, but they emit a greater amount of blue light at the longer-wave wavelengths, which can still damage your eyes.
So, your best bet is to get the best flat-screen LED TVs with effective blue light-filtering technologies that won’t impact your eyes. While gaming on your laptop, a gaming headset like this Astro A50 offers a great way to increase your eye protection.


When it comes to buying gaming glasses, the quality of the product and the fit of the glasses can have a major impact on the quality of your gaming experience. It can be hard to find a pair of glasses that will allow you to play online. With all that said, there are some tips that you can use to make sure that you’re picking out the best pair of glasses that will protect your eyes while gaming: Check out their tint.
Most gaming glasses come in two main sizes:
Full and Standard. The smaller size is ideal for those who wear glasses often and don’t want the lenses to be a part of their sight. The Standard size is better for people who wear prescription glasses and prefer to still see the screen clearly. However, the color that the glasses provide can greatly affect the experience.

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