What Does Ergonomics Mean in Technology?

Ergonomics is the study of human work and work places. It’s a science that investigates how to improve the design of work environments and workplaces to make them more comfortable, productive and healthy for people. Not just for workers but consumers as well. Here, are some ways to make technology ergonomic.

Ergonomics in technology

To be ergonomically designed is to be designed to perform without inadquate discomfort. It’s where we intervene in the design and functionality of devices so that their shapes, weight, size and grip make them a pleasure to use.
Some of these interventions are physiological or physiological. For example, if it requires twisting your wrist to operate your phone, the design of the phone should make it an easy operation.
Other interventions are functional, where ergonomic features are added in the product design to make it functional. We need ergonomics in technology: For most of us, technology has a habit of encroaching upon our day-to-day lives.

Ergonomics in design

Many of today’s computing and smart devices are designed to be ergonomic. Features that allow for better performance can be derived from ergonomics. A good example is the Surface line of tablets. Microsoft designed the Surface Pro, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book to be ergonomic.
Habits of using ergonomic design: It’s been found that people adopt ergonomic design habits and they help them perform better in their work.
Some of the tips are to:
  • Install cushioned keyboards and other devices that minimize wear and tear on wrists, fingers and shoulders. Make ergonomic mouse designs.
  • Change keyboard layout.
  • If you are using a laptop, turn on the battery-saving feature that automatically switches to a single keystroke. 


It is important to understand the important roles of technology in enhancing our lives in the 21st century. Technology can provide us with freedom to do something we love like using smartphones or other devices. Technology is there to make our lives easy but we need to be responsible about how we use it.

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