The Benefits of Standing Desks

Standing desks are an ergonomic solution for a lot of people. They allow you to stand up for the entire workday and not get tired. They also improve your posture, circulation, and your overall mood. But before you invest in one, you should know the benefits of standing desks. Here is everything you need to know about standing desks before you invest in one.

What are the benefits of standing desks?

Firstly, standing desks are great for weight-bearing activities such as those that require you to put weight on your feet. Whether you’re a runner, a dancer, or a tennis player, you should always stand up.
Sitting for long periods of time can make your body lose muscle mass. According to a 2014 study conducted by researchers from the Center for Epidemiology and Community Health at the University of Illinois in Chicago, having your legs sitting down for a prolonged period of time can lead to calcium deficiency, bone disease, hip and lower back problems, and more.
Standing desks can help improve your posture, back, posture, and overall body awareness. They provide a good boost of energy and can boost your mood. Also, standing desks are a big hit for stress management.

How do they work?

The idea is simple: you stand up during the day. But the reality is more complicated than that. By standing up every hour, you’re burning a lot of calories. So you’ll burn even more calories sitting in a chair and this will help you lose weight.
What about back health? If you have a bad back, standing up is not the best option. If you want to sit at a desk all day long, a standing desk will not help you much. But if you feel that you need to sit most of the day to avoid pain in your back, then standing up will definitely be a better option. 

Why is standing desks beneficial to your health?

When you are seated, your body takes on a lot of strain. It constantly tries to stay in the same position.
For example, if you sit at your desk, you might rest your hands on your desk and rest your forehead on your palm. You might also shift your weight from one foot to the other or even touch your chin to your chest.
When you are standing up, however, your body is so used to being on your feet for long hours that it does not even have to do the small tasks you do while seated. When your body gets used to it, you will be more productive all day long. Standing also increases circulation and can reduce your weight.

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