How to Engage Young People in Ergonomics: The Benefits of Working With Millennials

Ergonomics is the study of human movement and how it can be improved. With the growing millennial population, ergonomists have seen a large increase in opportunities to reach this age group. The challenges are too many to count, but one in particular that has been the most difficult for those in management is figuring out how to engage young people with ergonomics. Here are some steps you can take to reach millennials and find ways to engage them in ergonomic work.

Ergonomics and Millennials

If you are looking for a way to increase millennials’ knowledge and awareness of ergonomics, these three ideas could help.
  • Get creative: If you are searching for something to engage young people, there are many options. Consider hiring a popular millennial Instagram personality or comedian, or a web series that features younger workers speaking out about their positive experiences.
  • Get them to talk about ergonomics: Find out what products young people prefer and use them to inspire them to talk about ergonomics in the workplace.
  • Encourage your employees to use ergonomics solutions in their personal lives: The Value of Engaging Young Workers Millennials and ergonomics seem to go together. The challenge is how to engage these young people.

Utilizing Online Media

One of the best ways to gain insight on what young people want is to utilize websites and social media such as YouTube and Facebook. Research shows millennials are consuming information in many different formats. Rather than a traditional paper copy of the product, they’re more likely to look at pictures and videos to see how something would look in the real world.

Utilizing Social Media

Although the majority of millennials now have the ability to post videos on their social media, they also have an active one or two hour block of time they dedicate to it. This gives them the opportunity to get involved and make connections with the brands that they have come to love.
The number one way to reach millennials is to get them to talk about your brand. By making an impact on their social feeds, they will begin to recognize your brand and begin to interact with it in a way that you may not be familiar with.
Tying It In to Your Brand and On-Going Programs When it comes to millennials, they do not want to waste their time. Instead of engaging them in a conversation about a new brand or your brand in general, tie it in to the work they are doing today.

Implementing Visualization

Visualization is a useful technique that has been utilized by the global technology community. By using different techniques a business can aid in bringing a project to life. The benefits are not only productivity gains but a healthier environment for everyone.
One challenge many companies face when trying to engage millennials in ergonomics is that their project ideas tend to be visual. However, since millennials often are visual thinkers and remember the most significant details, a business must be able to visualize the project for them. This can mean a learning or research environment or even the entire organization.

Follow Up Activities

One way to engage young people with ergonomics is to ask them to do an activity. Encourage them to do a presentation, test a product or participate in an activity that relates to their interests. The activity should be easy and fun for the young people. Take advantage of this age group’s natural interactivity and community-building skills to get them involved in ergonomics. Not only will you get younger people on your side, you will build their understanding and knowledge about ergonomics as well.
Use Examples: Another way to engage young people with ergonomics is to use examples. This is the best way to make a message stick. Encourage young people to use an example. If someone is using an iPad to do their job and they make a mistake, encourage them to make an error.

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